Tiny Home Builders

Join the tiny house movement by turning to the professionals at Seabreeze Tiny Homes. We have spent 40 years designing and building customized vehicles, 14 of which were spent building vehicles designed specifically for musicians on tour. Because of this, we’ve come to truly understand what it takes to make a small space livable.

Our past experience has prepared us for creating customized tiny homes that are mobile and able to go wherever you want to travel. Most of our designs are built on a trailer which can be towed by a truck, making it easy to pick up and go whenever you are ready. And if you want to stay in one place, simply park your tiny home and relax for a while. These homes are built for travel, but they also make perfect down-sized stationary homes as well.

When we build custom tiny homes for our clients, we put their needs first. Our focus on style and quality yields a long-lasting, chic result that’s much more than just four walls and a roof. From central heat and air to luxurious tiled bathrooms, we allow you to downsize without sacrificing comfort or elegance.

When you work with us as your tiny home builders, you know you’re in good hands. Our extensive experience combined with our qualifications as trade professionals means you get a truly high-quality home custom-tailored to your specifications.

Why Go Tiny?

Tiny House InteriorLiving tiny is becoming a lifestyle people across the country are adopting for a variety of reasons. Many realize they don’t need much in order to live a happy life--and that the less stuff they have, the freer they are to travel, explore, and connect with others.

Tiny homes are great for those who want to minimize their carbon footprint. These houses can be made to have power and water connections or to be off-grid. Other people prefer to use tiny houses as vacation homes. There’s no need to pay for hotels, and you always have the comforts of your own home with you wherever you go. Our custom-created homes give people freedom—freedom from fossil fuels, freedom from mortgages and rent, and freedom to travel while feeling right at home.

Building Customized Tiny Homes Perfect for Your Needs

Comfort and convenience are priorities in any home, and they shouldn’t be sacrificed when downsizing. That’s why our tiny house designs come with several standard features like split A/C and heating systems, insulation, and smart siding.

Many of the features are up to you. We can add composting toilets, wire for solar panels, or build a greywater system for living off-grid. You can have your choice of bathroom features, countertop materials, and appliances. While the homes may be tiny, your range of options is vast.

Contact us to learn more about our tiny home building services. We are located in Fresno, California, and serve clients nationwide.